These are all Pen & Ink drawings, Various styles, stipple, crosshatch, and "scribble" (made that one up). All are published pieces in various magazines. But other than "Too Long Thinking" which was cover art for "2AM", I'll be damned if I can remember which magazines. All are India ink and croquill pen on illustration board, The last pieces of art "Norseman" and "SteamToad" are colored, I know. But they started as pen and ink. They represent a mixed media medley I use occasionally, especially for comic book art. "Norseman" is pen and ink, watercolor, and acrylics. "SteamToad is pen and ink, and Pantone markers. It is a concept illustration for our animated series "Interplanetary Lizards". Versatile, aren't I?

All art copyright 2013 Alan Jude Summa.


 Dr. Steven and Mr. King

Vlad, I think.

 Monster on my back.

Thinking, too long.


"There's somethin' in the barn. Ma."







Time of War

Evil Twins

The Voyage


Hit me again.

Here, take these.

The war demon.

Ghosts of wars past.




 Diary of a MadMan

And His Name was Death

An eye for an eye.

Fairies wear Boots