Remove me from my earth today

to a place I can play

A vision of a world unknown

A kingdom of my very own.


A place where all my dreams are real

and I can do just as I feel

A fairy tale land of make believe

No one can enter 'cept when I leave


Sparkling water, mountains of snow

Beautiful mermaids that I know

Magical forests of living trees

Giant serpents in my seas


A white unicorn for me to ride

She knows the way, She is my guide

Spreads her wings and flies to Mars

Then we journey beyond the stars


My castle is adorned with gold

I am master of all I behold

My world glistens in lunar splendor,

I am the wizard, the great pretender


Fantastic colors, a thousand seasons

In my universe there are no reasons

Joy and peace is what I find

As I travel through my mind.


Alan Jude Summa